C. Bhalla and Sons offers a superior quality comestible silver leaves also which has been preferably known as Chandi Vark used for the decor and garnishing of sweets, desserts and even beverages.

The edible gold & silver leaves are made 100% pure, manufactured according to the rules and conditions mentioned by HACCP that is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. Every single product offered by C.Bhalla and Sons are certified by ISO9001: 2008.

Our edible gold & silver leaves are processed under the most hygienic conditions so are free from any impurity and adulteration. Our products are offered with an assurance of non contamination. They have a gleaming surface that adds shimmer to your décor of sweets.

We offer edible gold & silver leaves with standard size and as per the requirements. Silver leaves are very beneficial for health as it makes you strong and more alert, provides energy, helps your body to function.

Gold and Silver leaves offered by us in attractive packaging are available at the most reasonable prices. Silver leaves are used in culinary purposes, ayurvedic mantras, drinks and beverages, and even ideal for western medicinal systems and health tonics.

Silver leaves are comestible and traditionally entrusted as the very important part for the decorations of special-occasion desserts, confectioneries and many other dishes. Apart from being a food decorative, silver leaves are also attributed for their medicinal properties. The different uses of silver leaves are as follows:

Culinary Uses

Silver leaves are usually been trusted as the soul of sweets and deserts for garnishing and décor. They are usually been used to add a shimmer affect on the special occasion sweets, deserts, mouth fresheners, green cardamom and chewing tobacco. Silver leaves are also used in Mughlai cuisines (shaahi pakwaan) which at times covered in silver foils for good presentation.

Confectionery and Beverages

Silver leaves are widely used in bakeries and confectioneries for icing food like cakes, ice creams, chocolates, cookies etc. It is also used in flavored drinks and beverages.


Silver is considered as comestible and a very important ingredient in ayurveda mantras and homeopathic medicines, particularly in traditional Chinese and Indian medicinal systems. Silver is entrusted as a brain tonic and used as a blood pressure co-ordinator for heart. Besides this, it stabilizes the mental stress and helps in generating sound mind & active physique. Silver leaves are also used as an amalgam in arresting tooth decay.

Health and Beauty Products

Silver has traditionally been considered to be a major ingredient in health care and beauty products. While, it is used in ayurvedic & herbal products like chyawanprash, it is also used in cosmetics and some other beauty products.

Religious and Other Ceremonies

It is used in temples on idols and is also part of the major offerings in religious ceremonies. Silver leaves have traditionally been connected to the religion as on special occasion the lord hanuman’s statue is decorated by silver foils.

On special occasions like Diwali, Janamashtami, Holi and even in weddings, silver coated sweets are served. It is also used to decorate fruits and dry fruits, particularly in marriage ceremonies and as gifts on special occasions.

The Silver Leaves or Chandi vark offered by our company is made from 100% pure silver, something that is very special that completes the Indian sweets, deserts and beverages. Whether silver leaves are very prior for decorative appeal but these silver foils even add potency to the dish.

Chandi vark has also been prioritizing for its nutritional value that furnishes the human body with its tender quality from silver. We deal in variant diversities of silver leaves made from precious silver with purity. Silver Leaves is the blend of both color and flavor made of fine layers of silver, yet its affordable to use.

From centuries it has been trusted that silver gives you sharp mind and puissant body. It gives strength to fight with your inner dearth, to help you being alert by your heart and soul too, support your muscles through its nutritional worth. We exports the silver leaves made of pure silver.

Attributes for the standardized silver leaves

High quality grade – 1 silver foil should be prepared under hygienic and salutary conditions.
Properly covered with thick wrap to avoid blemishing which is equivalent to be toxic.
Foil should of invariant thickness.
The permissible limit of co-metals is 1000 – 5000 ppm.
Confront all the purity standards as per the ISO (Indian Standard Organization) and HACCP (Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point).

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